Lilian Frances

This project started in an attempt to resolve the problem of what to do with my mother’s things, which had accumulated in my attic after her death. They were not particularly valuable and were in the main everyday objects. But it is in everyday objects that we deposit meanings, using them to remember things, and to construct ideas about how we used to live. My initial instinct was just to photograph each item: as Fox Talbot said over 150 years ago: “the whole cabinet… of a collector of old china might be depicted in paper in little more time than it would take … to make a written inventory”. So, I started with a photographic inventory, and then together with some of the many letters that she wrote, I have since worked on different ways of making a ‘museum’, which has so far included a catalogue and a poster. I’m not sure the project will ever be finished. It’s been a way to process grief and a lifetime of displacement through three generations of adoption.