Neap Tide, poem by Abegail Morley

Neap Tide is a poem by Abegail Morley, from The Unmapped Woman.

Neap Tide it’s about a child who isn’t there – who isn’t born.

I started this poetry film just as we were going into lockdown for the second time. And so, my original idea of filming at a coastal location wasn’t possible. Fortunately, I had lots of footage of seascapes that I could use. Additionally, several years ago I had acquired 20 years of one family’s film archive, mainly holidays – and so I used some of that too. One of the interesting aspects of using archives is the presence and absence, and the possibilities for new creative, invented, relationships and meanings.

I literally put everything that I thought might work onto the timeline fairly randomly, I searched for a suitable music track and then edited it all together.

There is a potential, in poetry film, for an expansion and sharing of subjectivities that can bridge distances between poets and their audiences – when that happens there’s alchemy.