Clean Lines

Clean lines came out of an online collaboration. Over a period of time participants were asked to write to sound and image and then create a poem. The idea was for me to take the leftover lines, plus the images and produce a poetry film.

Initially, I found it difficult to find my way into writing a poem with the given words, and strangely enough, the images appeared a distraction. So, I decided to give myself a time limit of twenty minuets to write a poem.

At the end of twenty minuets I had three poems: a narrative, a lyric and an erasure poem. I then decided not to use the given images at all. Instead I used my own. Again I gave myself twenty minutes to find the images.

I liked the idea of erasure and adapted the page poem to screen. It was during this process that the third/ fourth narrative came into play and the long erasure page-poem transformed on screen, to become, not simply a pared down version of itself, but a new poem, multi-layered and open to various interpretations.

By the end of the process I realised that I had started off writing to image with all the difficulties that entails and somewhere along the line had switched into my more sub-conscious and relaxed poetry style, displacing the images in order to write to them more effectively. Then it was just a matter of re-introducing the image to text and once that occurred the film made itself.

Thank you to my co-collaborators: Hilda Sheehan, Gavin Salisbury and Anna-May Laugher.

Chaucer Cameron